About Smart Minds Academy

“Smart Minds Academy” (SMA) - A brain child of Chennai’s Educator Par Excellence - Prof. K.K.Anand, is an Alternative School ( LKG, UKG & Stds. I to XII) established in 2016, that nurtures Gifted & Talented Children to achieve Holistic Academic Excellence.

Gifted Children are those with higher level of ability to grasp & learn and hence Higher Potential to perform well. Talented Children are High Achievers, capable of securing top grades in at least the regular formal school curriculum like that of CBSE – Maths & Science in our context.

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Why Smart Minds Academy?

  • Exclusive for the Gifted & Talented
  • Additional Subjects
  • Exceptional Faculty Expertise
  • Comprehensive Study Materials
  • Estimation of All India Rank Achievement Potential
  • Innovative & Extraordinary Curriculum
  • Extra Hours
  • New Age Learning Methodologies
  • Individual Attention & Special Guidance
  • Commitment to Character Building & Value System

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Curriculum Design Principles
  • Acceleration (Faster)
  • Enrichment (Wider)
  • Extension (Deeper)
  • Value Addition (Newer)
Classification of Study Levels
  • Kindergarten Level : LKG,UKG
  • Primary Level : Stds - I&II, Stds - III, IV & V
  • Middle Level : Stds - VI, VII & VIII
  • Secondary Level : Stds - IX & X
  • Senior Secondary : Stds - XI & XII

The age criteria followed is same as that of the CBSE guidelines
Extra Curricular Activities

The Academy will encourage the students to participate in the activities of the various Clubs like

  • Music Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Literary Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Nature Club
  • Swacch Bharat Club
  • Sports Club, etc.

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