Birth of "Smart Minds Academy" (SMA)

Birth of “Smart Minds Academy” (SMA):

“Smart Minds Academy” (SMA) - A brain child of Chennai’s Educator Par Excellence - Prof. K.K.Anand, is an Alternative School ( LKG, UKG & Stds. I to XII) established in 2016, that nurtures Gifted & Talented Children to achieve Holistic Academic Excellence.

Gifted Children are those with higher level of ability to grasp & learn and hence Higher Potential to perform well. Talented Children are High Achievers, capable of securing top grades in at least the regular formal school curriculum like that of CBSE – Maths & Science in our context.

The Existing curriculum of any National / State Board has been designed primarily to cater to the needs of an Average Learner – which is appropriate for the Mass Education System. But, to meet out the ever - mounting National & Global Challenges, devising a New Curriculum, factoring the immense learning potential of the Gifted & Talented Children, along with an apt Education Methodology to deliver the curriculum is the need of the hour. Such Gifted & Talented Students can be and have to be equipped with much more Knowledge and Skills than what is normally imparted, to attain even greater competence, so that they face the challenges with confidence & perform even much better especially in Olympiads & Competitive Exams. They must also be equipped to excel further in the University Studies & Research.

This gave birth to Smart Minds Academy as an Alternate School ( ie. not affiliated to any Board, having Curriculum of its own)– to focus exclusively on the Schooling of the Above Average Learners, especially the Gifted & Talented. SMA is the first of its kind Institution in India to initiate such a unique Curriculum & Education Methodology for imparting Cutting-Edge Education to the Gifted & Talented Students, and the above Average Learners in general.

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